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Customer Testimonials

April 15, 2015

Hi Julie!

Sending you a picture of my FAVORITE durag! I met you last October at Thunder Beach and had no clue how to wear a durag bc I was pretty new to the biker scene at the time. I wanted one so bad but decided not to buy one bc I just didn't know what to do with it. Well you must have seen the lost look in my eye bc you came over and showed me several ways to wear it and taught me to do it myself. Your stand was very busy but you were very patient and gave me your undivided attention, so I finally bought this one. And I just LOVE it! Thank you so much again for your generosity and hospitality! I will be ordering from you again soon! 

Stephanie Walsh

February 2, 2015

I'm a little slow getting this email out guys but just had to tell you how much I'm in love with your product! I bought 2 at the thunderbeach oct rally to 'try' em out. Okay, I'm hooked! To the point your durags are the only ones I'll wear. Those name brand ones are history, and I'm looking forward to the next rally 'cause I'm stocking up! Thanks for designing an awesome piece of head gear that is soooo comfortable!

Rita, Spartanburg SC

July 21, 2014


I've purchased many bandanas over the years and love your product the most. In fact, it is the only headgear I wear anymore for work, leisure, and riding the Harley.

What I know from my own experience, whether I wear it around my neck, over my face, or as headgear, is the comfort. No tying is a plus and it dries very fast.

And no slipping (even cruising down the highway).

Great product!!

Tim Fields

May 26, 2014

I got this at Thunder Beach Motorcycle Rally and absolutely love it! Comfort without binding, you can wear it for hours and never know it's there and it can even stay on when you pull the helmet off! Looks fabulous in our convertible too!

Lisa Bolton

April 25, 2014

Hello and happy weekend! I am a returning, love your product customer. We usually bump into each other at the West Palm Beach Toys For Tots. We missed you guys there this year, so I am in need of some new rags. I truly rock your rags everyday of my life, black when I am not at work and white while I am out in the hot Florida sun working. I usually get the deluxe, some bling bling but not too much, lol. I am ok on the blacks but desperate to re-up on my whites, I only noticed one deluxe white on your website. Can you please tell me if it is possible for me to get other patterns on the white. I usually like the cross, butterfly, flowers, etc. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

Tasche Hodges

April 9, 2014

My husband and I bought three Durags this past weekend at High Octane. This is a such a great product. We were amazed at all the different ways it can be put to use. We are going to recommend these to all our friends. The designs are awesome. It was great meeting you two and I'm sure we will be buying more in the future.

Angela Linda

April 9, 2014

Just wanna say thank you Julie for the durag and the incredible deal you gave me on it. And it was a real pleasure meeting you at High Octane, there should be more people like you that are so supportive of those fighting breast cancer or any cancer for that matter. Hope to meet up with you in Leesburg at Bikefest.

Luisa Ferraro

April 9, 2014

Just wanted to thank you for trusting us to send you the money for my wifes durag you gave us at the Thunder Beach rally. Not many people would give away thier product to strangers and trust them to send the money. It says a lot about you and your business. I recommended your site to coworkers!


October 7, 2013

Okay...just bought my 12th durag from you in PCB...they are the best EVER. So people, buy these...not the knockoffs. You will not be sorry. Not sure of your daughter's name but says she remembers me each time (I tend to talk a lot). She is always so sweet!!

Susan Matthews

July 23, 2013

Hi Johnny & Julie!

My boyfriend purchased your daredevildurag in Leesburg, Florida this year. We arrived in the heat of the day and he became overheated easily after traveling in air conditioning. You noticed him sweating and convinced him to try one. He immediately felt better as the moisture was absorbed and not running down his face! If you remember Mike with the grey beard and shaved head, he and I want to thank you for sharing this fantastic product with us. (He bought another one the next day.)

I am forwarding your info to a local retailer in Missouri called Black Jack Leather because Mike has been so impressed with his head rag he tells everyone how great they are.

Sorry it took so long for me to get this testimonial out to you but please feel free to share any part of the above as a quote from happy customers!

Mike & Laura

May 18, 2013

Finally found something at a bike rally that's worth twice the price. Check out They are fantastic. Best headwear by far!!!!!

Hittman, Fort Myers FL

April 3, 2013

In 2012 my wife and I along with a few friends were enjoying bike week in Daytona when we came across a booth with some various types of durags.

We stopped in to take a closer look and met the owners, Johnny and Julie, who were both very helpful and knowledgeable. The quality and variety of their creations is excellent. They have almost any design you could want and are always introducing new ones as well. My wife especially likes the colorful durags with the rinestone designs, but most importantly we both like that they stay on your head and are designed to withstand 80 miles an hour.

There are various ways they can be worn, either as a head band or pulled over your whole head to keep hair from flying around, and boy are they comfortable, and they wash well also.

Johnny and Julie have, in my opinion, the best durags on the market and we would recommend them to everyone. Oonce you buy from Dare Devil Durags, you won't want to buy from anywhere else again!

Dan the Man, Lake Mary, FL

March 26, 2013

Hey, Johnny!

I received the three durags on Saturday. And I liked the custom design so much that I did keep that one for myself. The other girls were very happy with theirs also, especially Sharon who received the butterfly design. She said it was lovely and once I showed her how to wear it, she was ready to go! Thanks again for the prompt service, response to emails and for the special design that you made for me. 

A completely satisfied customer, Melanie


Me and my friend Sharon stopped in a week ago and We LOVEEEEEEE our daredevil durags that we purchased from you in Daytona! We will recommend your products to everyone we know! Thank you for offering top quality products that are stylish, durable, and not to mention bad ass! We came back to purchase more yesterday but we didn't see you! Your employees were super nice and extremely helpful! We are from Cocoa Bch Florida and we look forward to Bike Week all year long! Hope to see you every year and during biketoberfest as well! Thank you!!

Kerith and Sharon

"Hi y'all! I am writing this because I found a summer saver!!! It's Daredevil Durags!! My husband and I were at the Roar on the Shore bike rally here in Erie, PA on the hottest weekend of the summer so far, sweating under my helmet, and sweltering in the sun... We were walkin' around checking out the vendors when this headgear caught my eye! John explained to us the difference between his durags, and the old fashioned tie style... We tried them on, and we were sold!! They have an 80 mile an hour guarantee for riding, (won't fall off your head) and they don't get sweaty!! they actually soak the sweat off your head and face!!! No need to wipe our eyes all day in 90-plus degree heat!! Then I wore it riding almost 20 miles on my bicycle, ( no sweaty hair) and then 2 hours working out!! Totally washable, and soft as your favorite t-shirt!! Can not believe we went this long without one! Every rider, athlete, and sun worshipper should have one!!!" 

Karen S Amish

HOLY CROW! I ordered stuff from this place and they came in 3 days?!!! AND they ARE AWESOME!!! OMG I CANT WAIT TO WEAR ONE ON SUNDAY'S RIDE! My friend is singing praises and posting pics of her in her durags all over FB. Last comment was: I will say...I almost lost it at about 70mph...I think that the "bling" ones have more fabric in the back and the wind drag pulled it back. I took it off on the way out then tucked the back inside on the way home. It made it just fine, picked up my speed to try to 'recreate' it and it never budged. TRULY a great product! Thanks again for the lead on this company! I hope their sales increase! I need one in white now. hahaha!


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