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Johnny Tells the DareDevil Durags Story

In late 2006 we came up with an idea for interchangeable hatbands and launched our hat company called Soco Headwear, catering to the golf industry. We had over 200 accounts, primarily because of our new idea of introducing our interchangeable hatband for the ladies. Julie's mom and dad helped kick-start the company by doing all the sewing and played a major role in discovering the headband/durag and what it was capable of doing.

At the time, I was dealing Texas Hold-em tournaments in the evenings in a poker league. One night a buddy named Red (since passed) got knocked out of the first tournament early and was going to take a ride on his Harley Davidson. He asked me if he could try out one of our red bandana hatbands...and that's how it all started.

He came back all excited, telling everyone in the poker room that the headband wouldn't blow off, even at 80mph. I went home that night all excited to tell Julie what happened. We came up with a slogan for our new-found product, 'No Blow With Soco.'

By the way, if that bandana hatband had blown off of Red's head, we would still be selling hats to golf courses.

That same night, I woke up at 3:30 in the morning to use the boys room, and it hit me what to call this newfound sensation. So I yelled out to Julie, "I got it! I got it!" She woke up, came out of the bedroom and asked, "What's wrong?" I said, "I got it, Julie, I got it!" Julie says, "What?!" "It just hit me--DareDevil Durags!!" She wondered why and I told her because every guy thinks he's a daredevil and every girl thinks he's a little devil.

It wasn't long after that Julie and I made the band longer to tuck under the elastic for a full coverage durag look. Then Julie suggested we make them with bling! Our rhinestone headband designs are the best in the world. About six months later we noticed some major players in the motorcycle industry were trying to imitate our creation, but doing it poorly. Because of the copycats out there today, we now have over 800 designs that set us apart from the rest of the field. We created this concept, and it has grown from a small company to an international success. People from all over the world are wearing our headwraps and we are loving it! Motorcycle hair wraps at your service!

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